Work Hard and Shut Up!


I promise you, that if you worked this hard at anything your life would be different!  Mrs. YFS and I were at our local IHOP to take advantage of some of their seasonal pancakes and stumbled upon this very ambitious and dedicated employee.



I literally, stopped eating and watched him work for about 30 minutes.  This man, kid, boy… MACHINE..  stalked the IHOP tables like a lion waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.   He did not fraternize, he did not joke, he was all business.  He was so much about his business that he even stretched prior to obliterating the dishes from the tables.


As the famous prolific motivational speaker Les Brown said.. “He was huuuuuuuunnnnngry”   I needed to talk this person.  I felt obligated!  I mean, I did just watch him do his job for 30 minutes.  It would have been rude of me not to say something right?


So, I turn into full blown curious/inquisitive YFS mode.  Me and this individual had a discussion after he completed his rounds and just briefly before he went on his lunch break.   Channeling my inner Don Lemon I proceeded with this ad hoc interview   I asked:


“How are you compensated?”


His response:

“I get paid 1% of the server’s tips”


My response:

“Only 1 percent? Are you serious?  No, you’re lying!?!?  Please tell me you’re lying?”


His reply:

“No sir, it’s a good living in this tough economy”


My response:

“Are there any rules against me tipping you personally?  I mean, you seriously are working hard!”


His reply:

“No sir, I don’t believe there are any rules against you tipping me.  But, you don’t have to tip me.  Your acknowledgement of my hard work is enough”


Shut up and take my money now!


This guy clearly was the Dwight Schrute of IHOP.   I gave this guy $15 tip on top of the $8 tip I left for a $25 meal.   I watched how the other employees hardly interacted with him and when they did it seemed forced or only when they needed his help with something.  But, like Dwight Schrute he was efficient and didn’t give a damn what others thought of him.  He was here to do one thing and one thing only.


The best he could with the opportunity he was provided


Why does this matter?  Well, some of you who are reading this post make 1000% more per day/hour/second than this individual makes.  Yet, you’re complaining, hemming, hawing  and boo-hooing about your life.  You know what I say to that?  


Shut the heck up!  (PG-13)   Be thankful your ass doesn’t have to work for 1% of an 8 dollar tip.  Be thankful your half stepping, take life for granted, entitled ass doesn’t have to work amongst peers who make fun of you and belittle you.  And lastly, be thankful that you have a job which provides adequate benefits and the opportunity to eventually leave the rat race.


If you worked as hard as this guy at your job for 1 year.  I am willing to bet that you would become the top person in your craft or field.  Give me 1 freaking year of this type of dedication.  If it doesn’t work I want you to come back to this post and say:


“YFS, you’re full of crap.  Your work hard, shut up, and do what you have to do no matter the odds plan didn’t work”


But if my idea works… Ohhh if it works.  I don’t want you to kiss my rings.  All I want you to do is empower someone else to work hard.   So do we have a deal or what?  Can you give me 1 year of 100% effort with no excuses?  Can you give me 100% focused effort on eliminating your debt?  Can you give me 100% focused effort in school?


Reader Thoughts!


What was your first thought when seeing this video? Do you agree or disagree with me on thought of:  1 year of 100% effort sans excuses can get you to the top of your field, closer to your dreams and achieving your goals?


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