The Truth About Budgeting and Why People Fail at it!


I’m bad at budgeting , your bad at budgeting, the government is bad at budgeting…

Do you see a pattern?

Heck, some people don’t even like the word budget, but regardless if you call it a budget it or not there is a way to not fail it.

Most people fail at diets and budgets for this reason!

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Budgeting Sucks

Today I would like to talk about why you suck at dieting and why you suck at budgeting!

What I typically see when people first start to diet, they read something on internet, they hear something from a friend, they might even have friends who are in competitions who do this, or are who are in shape for living. And, what these people typically tell them is “Hey, stop eating sugars, counter calories, to do X, to do Y, to do Z” and, that person who has got all this information, they are just so excited, and that’s all, they do! That’s all they think about.

Moderation is the Key

What they fail to realize is that you must have balance. So, what I am trying to say is, even if you are in debt to your eye balls, even if you are severely over weight and, by all your scientific methods of measuring whether it’s going to the doctor, getting on the scale or, looking at your high school pictures, you have to do everything in moderation. So, you need to address dieting, you need to address budgeting the same way.

Set Up your Budget

Let me get to the point, what do I mean. You must set up something now, that you can do for years; you must set up something now, that you can do something for two years. So, you are not just going to “not to eat sugars”. You are not just going to stop eating out forever. So, set up your budget now so, you can have some of these small wins. In your budget you must cater to your wants, regardless of how much debt you have or you are going to not do it.

A good point; a good example is my wife. She has natural hair and she likes to get her nails done.

She likes to do things that make her feel good and when people budget, they tend take out all the things that make them feel good and then, they rebel!. There are people who stop eating their favorite sweets and they are just like those persons who stop eating bread. If you love bread and stop eating bread, maybe one month down the line, you are going to want some bread. One month down the line, you are going to need some sweets. Weight lifting has cheat days and in your budget you have a little  you have personal money.

My wife and I, we call it our little squirrel and, that’s the money we squirrel away for those times when we need our little quick fix. Now the reason why you want to do this is; it allows you to do things in moderation. So, you just don’t fall off the wagon and never budget or never diet again. I think that’s another reason why people hate the word budget. When you hear the word budget, you feel as though you need to give up everything you love in order to stay on track and that’s just totally not the case. So, just like people who hate “diet”, they feel as though they have to give up all the good stuff they used to eat or all things they used to drink.

So, my tip to you is set up your diet, set up your budget so you can do it for years.


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