What are Mortgage Points?

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Last week we took a close look at mortgages, and for the next few weeks I’ll explore different terms and concepts related to home ownership and buying a house. If you’re getting ready to buy your first home, then check back each Friday for the next couple of weeks to make sure that you know [...]

What is a Mortgage?


Don’t laugh! Some people truly don’t know the details about mortgages and mortgage payments. If you rent, you simply may not have had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of mortgages. Now, you probably know that a mortgage payment is your house payment. You take a loan to purchase your home, and you [...]

Oops, They Did it Again, Mortgage Servicing Companies Gone Wild!

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Should we have seen this one coming all along? Perhaps, but even so the size of this growing problem is starting to look like scenes from the movie Wolf on Wall Street.

Bitcoin’s Coming Out Party?


You had to have been asleep over the last year or so to have missed out on what some are calling the greatest invention since the printing press. Of course, this is all about the ever growing popularity of Bitcoin and other so-called digital currencies.

The Argument for a Low-Cost Home Stamp Duty Exemption


Home ownership is a dream that should be within reach of any hardworking Australian, but the fact is that fees added to the initial cost of buying a home make the purchase impossible for many people. Some economists argue that eliminating the stamp duty on cheaper homes would stimulate the real estate market by encouraging [...]

More Real Estate “Fails” for the First Time Buyer


Real estate agents must love first-time buyers! Usually, they don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary to take all the right steps to buying a house. Check out the following tips for first time buyers so you can avoid these mistakes.

3 Things to Consider When You Are Looking for Commercial Property

If you are a business owner, there might come a time when you need to purchase commercial property. You may be looking to move, to expand, or to simply own your own building or facility. Before you rush off and buy the first thing that you find, you should take the time to do some [...]

The Most Important Thing to Do with Every Rental Property Purchase


Recently, I identified what I thought was a dream property. This property reminded me of first rental property deal. It was one of those too good to be true deals.

Selling your Home for a Profit: How to Avoid Negative Equity

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Given the fragile nature of the housing market recovery, it is little wonder that a number of homeowners are keen to sell their properties while home values are soaring. It is estimated that approximately 630,000 borrowers are currently stuck in negative equity, meaning that they are forced to either execute a quick sale while the [...]

Conveyancing Direct Limited – The Importance of Conveyancing

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Given the recent revelation that an estimated 630,000 UK home-owners are currently mired in negative equity, it is fair to surmise that the currently property market boom is unlikely to continue indefinitely. This means that individuals who are looking to sell their property must move quickly, whether they are looking to downsize or simply obtain [...]

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