My Tenant Said What? A Crazy Landlord Story


Since 2010 I’ve invested in several rental properties outside of my state of residence, and I rent them out predominately to section 8 tenants. I’ve learned a few things along the way and one of them is you have to sit back and just laugh at some of the shit they come up with.

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Investing—Gambling—Betting: That Which We Call a Rose


You may have read my last post on lotteries where mention is made of the incredibly poor odds suffered by those who participate. If not, reading it takes only minutes of your time. The topic today is investing, which, to be completely objective, can also be regarded as a form of gambling. This is particularly [...]

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Huff Post: Future Shock: Personal Finance Technology


If you are feeling a bit jaded about the promises of technology to transform your personal finances, you are not alone. Since Al Gore invented the Internet years ago there have been seemingly endless broken promises. Promises about how new technology would magically make all of your money problems disappear. Hmmm, uh not so much. [...]

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What Purchases Are Worth Financing?

I normally don’t advocate putting anything on credit; my motto is that it’s always best to pay cash. After all, this way you can make sure you never spend more than you make, and you never have to worry about paying interest! It’s amazing how much extra money most of us would have at the [...]

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What are Mortgage Points?

house 8

Last week we took a close look at mortgages, and for the next few weeks I’ll explore different terms and concepts related to home ownership and buying a house. If you’re getting ready to buy your first home, then check back each Friday for the next couple of weeks to make sure that you know [...]

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How to Choose a Car Insurance Company


Millions of companies are offering car insurance at competitive rates. With so many options available, choosing the right one can be tricky. Should you sign up with a local insurer or buy coverage from a national insurance provider? What are the things you should look for in a car insurance agency? If you’re a first [...]

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I Challenged my Wife to Fix our Budget


So one day I’m updating our budget, aka spending plan, with expenses, and I start to do some analysis to figure out what our average “house” expenses are since we are now feeding four people instead of three.

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Credit Card Wisdom: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

two credit cards

Yeah, sort of like that song from the Clash way back in 1981, it might be a good time for you to take a good hard look at those credit cards you have been carrying around in your wallet for ages.

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Your Financial Relationships: Who Pays The Bills?


This post is part of our Your Financial Relationships series. This series is designed to help you discover the financial topics you should discuss with your significant other in order to have a financially healthy relationship. Today, we’ll be looking at deciding who is in charge of paying the bills.

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