What is a SEP IRA?


A SEP IRA is one of the many different types of IRAs, and this one is often used by self-employed individuals as well as small business owners. The SEP IRA, or the simplified employment pension IRA, allows business owners to provide retirement funds for their employees as well as themselves, and it allows self-employed individuals [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions Are more Tempting than a Cinnabun! How to Use that to Your Financial Advantage

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If you read just one article about New Year’s resolutions, read this one. Yes, New Year’s resolutions are very tempting, but the key to your financial success is to learn how to use them to your advantage.

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Reader Question: Saving Money for Retirement


If you have questions about your finances, you are not alone. In fact, here at Your Finances Simplified we often receive financial questions from our readers. For example, one of our readers, Leon, recently asked: What is the best way to save money outside of contributing to a company 401k?

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Enter to Win a Copy of How to Fix Your Credit!

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions again, and if you’re making a list of goals for 2014, don’t forget to add one concerning your credit. Even if you have good credit, you want to make sure it stays that way. If you want to fix your credit in 2014, enter our contest to win a [...]

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Car Insurance Demystified


It’s something you need to have – no ifs, ands, or buts – yet many drivers are still in the dark when it comes to car insurance. With so many options available online when buying car insurance, it’s easy to get lost in terminology. A little bit of know-how when buying for the first time [...]

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How Online Legal Services Can Make Your Life Easier without Thinning Your Wallet

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Hiring an expert attorney and finding sound legal advice has been conventionally regarded as a daunting task for two main reasons: most lawyers demand high fees, and solving a legal matter may take a lot of time. However, things are starting to change. Thanks to Internet-based platforms, such as LegalZoom, which connect lawyers and clients, [...]

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What You Need to Know Before You Refinance Your Mortgage

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 If you are already paying off the mortgage on your home, you may wonder why you would need to refinance your mortgage. In a way, you are right. There’s no need to take on a new mortgage if you are happy with your existing terms and payments. It’s still beneficial to know what refinancing is, [...]

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April 15th 2014—Tax Season is Just Around the Bend


Nothing spoils New Year’s like thoughts of tax season. Nonetheless, it is just around the bend and must be dealt with unless you want to follow the trails blazed by Willie Nelson, Wesley Snipes and Leona Helmsley. No? Okay then!

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Callum – Click4Quote Limited – Top Tips for Reducing the Cost of Landlord Insurance: How Property Owners Can Capitalise on Economic Boom

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The UK buy-to-let market, and London’s in particular, is experiencing considerable growth at present. This is the reason why a significant number of foreign investors are continuing to pursue opportunities within the British buy-to-let marketplace, as it boasts a level of value that cannot be accessed in alternative countries. As a result of this growth, [...]

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What is a Traditional IRA?

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A traditional IRA is yet another way to save money for your golden years. Is it right for you? This is a decision that you will have to make based on your individual needs and preferences. This is only one of many different IRAs, and IRAs are only one way to save for retirement. This [...]

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