My 5 Pet Resolutions That Will Save You Money


I’m not a fan of setting new years resolutions.  I typically have goals which are short term, moderate term and long term.  If I happen to get them done in a year that’s great if not .. oh well.  But, I won’t be a Debbie Downer. So to fill your appetite for resolutions I will share with you my 5 resolutions for my pet. You know my all-star Bichon Poodle.


Make her smarter


I definitely plan on giving her no easy meals in 2012.  What i mean by that is I plan on giving her puzzles and games to occupy her mind.  It’s a known fact that bored dogs are worse and more destructive than little kids on holiday break.  I looked at my Facebook timeline today and noticed 80% of the parents saying “We love little Johnny, but I’m so happy school started back up again”. To prevent my dog from being a pest I plan on giving her puzzle toys with treats inside to hopefully engage her brain, reduce pestering and eliminate boredom at the same time.


Groom Better


I’m pretty good and consistent at brushing her every 2 days so we do not have a matted or yucky hair problem.  I just wish I was able to give her a profession hair cut.  This is proving a bit more difficult than the YouTube videos proclaim.  I’ve bought quality clippers, watched tons of YouTube videos now it’s time to put in the practice to get better.  Good thing about dogs is they don’t care what their hair looks like.  She will be happy regardless of how horrible i mess up her hair.


Exercise More


I dropped the ball here big time.  Her normal exercise routine consists of her going into our gated back yard and doing whatever she feels like. This is no good!  She comes back into the house with way too much energy for me.  I have a solution.  I will teach her to run on the treadmill.  This will make both our lives easier.  She gets the needed exercise and I get to watch more T.V.


Increase Bathroom Breaks


According to Mrs. YFS our dog is no longer allowed to use the restroom in the house.  A dark room plus UV light yield some unfavorable results for our spoiled pooch.  With that said, she now has to use the rest room outside.  So, to prevent accidents she needs to get walked more, so she can use the rest room more.  There is no ifs ands or buts about it.  I have to do it or risk arguing every time she makes a mistake.


How Is Any Of This Related To Personal Finance?


My pet is a part of the family now.  So if she is not healthy that means we could incur a serious medical bill.  The healthier our pet is the less money she will cost us in the long run.


Secondly, by learning to groom my pet I can save between $60 to $80 every 3 weeks.  Grooming dogs are big business!  I can’t believe they charge that much to trim a dog.


Lastly, by teaching my pet to go outside I can extend the life of my carpet.  Saving tons of money in the process.  See, everything can be tied back to personal finance.


Reader Thoughts!


Now that you heard my pet resolutions what are yours?  What are some things you want to accomplish this year with your pet?