Mint vs Yodlee vs PageOnce vs Quicken vs Hello Wallet

Account aggregators



The Battle of the Personal Finance Websites


Technology has often afforded us luxuries which we were not entitled to before. This includes everything from the convenience of modern transportation and communication to the ease of online banking.


At times we have to deal with many different financial accounts, and it can be difficult for us to keep track of all our financial activities. This caused the advent of online accounts which make compiling this information easy.


Account aggregation helps…


Organize information from different accounts such as bank accounts, credit card accounts, or business accounts into one place. This then serves as a database, which can either be a web based application or a software.


Putting this information all in one account can make it easier to manage your financial activities. If you are interested in trying out one of these services, you can find the top 5 account aggregators below. This list includes both online and software based programs, which have received good feedback from many users.


1. Yodlee – This web based account aggregator is one of the most popular services available. Plus, signing up is completely free.




  • Spend Tracker – Yodlee gives out pre-categorized reports that helps you analyze your expenses. You get to know specifically where your money goes, such as how much goes to gas, restaurants, rent, groceries, and other categories. With this program you can analyze your expenses.


  • View Your Finances – You can securely link all your accounts such as checking, credit, and others to see your balances and transactions, making it easy for you to do your accounting.


  • Pay Your Bills – Do you sometimes miss a bill payment? If so, you might like the convenience of free bill payment at the Yodlee Money Center.


  • Transfer funds – You can move your funds anytime, anywhere, securely.

2. Mint – Aside from Yodlee, Mint is also one of the most used online account aggregators.




  • Put All Accounts in One – You can automatically link your accounts to see your balances and transactions in one place. You can easily see the entire picture of your finances, which can help lessen confusion and discrepancies.


  • Categories and Budgeting –You can also categorize your expenses to see where your cash is going. Mint also helps you easily create a budget based on historical spending. This allows you to see what you spent in the past.


  • Alerts – Forget to pay some bills at times? Mint has about 20 types of alerts to remind you to pay your bills, notify you of fees or warn you if you’re going over budget.


  • Security – Of course, Mint ensures bank-level security.

3. PageOnce – This online aggregator is slowly gaining as much popularity as Mint or Yodlee.




  • Pay Your Bills – Just like Mint and Yodlee, Pageonce also has a feature which helps you to easily pay off your bills with the least hassle possible. It’s easy and organized, and there are also alerts to help you remember your due dates.


  • Control Your Money – Again, you can place your accounts in one area making it easy to monitor where your money is going.


  • Safe And Secure – Of course, security is always an issue when it comes to these online aggregators. Pageonce guarantees bank level security, and it has kept the information of their over 5 million users safe without a single security breach in its history.


  • Accessibility – Pageonce is now available on your iPhone or iPad for easier access.

4. Quicken – Unlike Mint, Yodlee and Pageonce which are web based aggregators, Quicken is a software which clients can download and install.




  • All in One Place – Of course, this feature is never missed. See all your accounts easily in one place.


  • Track your Spending – See where your money is going. Quicken organizes your expenses to help you track your spending.


  • Pay Your Bills – Quicken has a cashflow graph which allows you to see how much is coming in, going out, and what’s left for savings. You can easily create a plan to reduce debt.


  • Set A Budget – Having trouble setting a budget and sticking to it? Quicken can automatically set budget goals based on past spending. You can customize the plan and Quicken will help track your progress.

5. Hello Wallet – Although not as popular as Mint and Yodlee, Hello Wallet also has some features that are extremely helpful in managing your finances.




  • Goal Tracking – Check your goals all the way up to retirement.


  • Budgeting Tools – Make sure you never go over budget with their budgeting tools.


  • Getting Out of Debt – Helps track your loans while giving you a forecast of when you are expected to pay it off.

Account aggregators can easily help you manage your personal finances while keeping you on track with your financial goals. Managing your money is made easier plus you don’t have to worry about the security of your accounts.


Do you use one of these account aggregators? If so, which one, and why do you like it?