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Is taking care of a dog enough preparation for having a child? The video below provides ample evidence that raising a dog will provide you the experience you need to raise a child!

  HAHAHA… now that was a good laugh. Wasn’t it? I swear I find it comical when people say.

We want to eventually have a child. So, we decided to get a puppy or some other kind of pet

To me this makes absolutely no sense. There is no way a dog can prepare you for a child. You will not be prepared emotionally or financially!   No matter how much you love your dog, how much time you take to groom your dog, or how much money you spend on your dogs toys. YOUR DOG WILL NEVER PREPARE YOU FOR THE DEMANDS OF A CHILD! Fyi, caps means I’m yelling! :-)




Well it’s quite simple. Dogs are not human! They are not as emotional and as needy as children. For example, let’s say you wanted to go out for a few hours. When your dog is 8 weeks old you can literally do this.


Step 1: Put food in a bowl


Step 2: Put water in a bowl


Step 3: Put food and water in a kennel


Step 4: Put the dog in the kennel


Step 5: Close the kennel


Step 6: Leave the house!





Try to do that with an 8 week old child and see what happens! I’ll wait….   If that example is not enough for you, I will provide more.

Raising a dog costs a mere fraction of the total cost of raising a child. We spend on average about 70 dollars a month on our dog. These costs cover food, toys and the occasional trip to the dog park.


If you want more information on how we budget see my post I AM TOO SEXY TOO BUDGET. 70 dollars a month on a 8lb dog to cover food, toys, and play in my mind is high (dog standards). She is a spoiled pooch! She gets the expensive all natural food and new toys constantly.   But, it doesn’t matter what income bracket you’re in, I guarantee you will spend more than 70 dollars a month on your kid.


I won’t even factor in the cost to save for a college education. I can train my dog with a 10 dollar book from amazon and a 2 dollar clicker.   I’m sure I can do the same thing with a kid but more conventional means of education are quite more expensive.


My dog also doesn’t play soccer, go to karate or have to pay for school supplies for the whole class.  By the way, when did public schools start doing this? When I was a kid I never remember having to buy crayons and markers for class, let alone enough for all my classmates. but I digress.


Also, when a dog is in the kennel crying at night (for attention) you don’t have to move, but if your newborn is crying guess who’s getting up to check on little chucky?… that’s right! It’s you! Get ready for those sleepless nights!


Let’s talk about emotional aspects of raising a dog


Dogs are very very simple creatures. Our dog Coco who happens to be a bichon-poodle is food driven. Meaning, if I was to yell at her for a particular reason all I had to do was offer her a snack and all would be forgotten.


Disciplining kids then giving them a treat doesn’t work out so well in the long run. Kids have a gambit of emotions and tend to hold on to things a lot longer than my little toy dog.   I’m not sure who thought of the “if you want a kid get a dog or pet” idea but It had to be some savvy pet shop owner. Because, I feel it is one of the silliest things one can do and think they’re prepared for a child.


Hell, my dog is so self sufficient I can literally set her up for 3 days with food, toys and water and she wouldn’t even miss a beat. As long as I left the patio door open so she can go into the back yard she would be in heaven.


Try that with a child!


The only real way to prepare for a child is to raise one. Try babysitting an infant for a week while your friends are on a much needed vacation. That one week of babysitting will give you a hint of what life will be like with a child.


Below is a video of how we feed our dog. We use a kibble meter and other interactive toys to stimulate her mind. Talk about low maintenance! She eats when she wants but works for it. I recommend toys like this for all dog/cat owners.


Reader Thoughts?   What is your opinion of this post? In what aspects can raising a pet prepare you for parenthood?