How To Go To Disney World For Cheap


Every child probably has that dream of going to Disney World. Admit it, even adults feel the same no matter how old they are. Because of the memories, nostalgia and fairy tale appeal that Disney holds it’s no wonder that Disney World is one of the top tourist destinations for families.

The only problem is, family vacations don’t come cheap, and with the plane tickets, hotel stay plus rides and shows, this vacation may just cost you a dip in your retirement savings or your kid’s college funds.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way. There are some clever strategies on how to go to Disney World for cheap, where you wont’ need to break the bank.

Before we get into the tips:  Here are a few Disney World Guides which can help you plan your Disney World trip for cheap!

1.  Save Money and Time on a Disney World Vacation – Ultimate Planning Guide

2.  Disney World Vacation and Savings Travel Guide

How To Go To Disney World For Cheap: Planning Your Trip Right


  1. Go During Off Season – This advice probably holds true for any kind of vacation everywhere. How to go to Disney World for cheap includes going off-season since it assures you of cheaper fares, plus more affordable hotel rates. “Value season” is during late August to September and from late November to early February.
  1. Availability of Cheap Lodging – Do you and your kids relish camping? Then it’s best to take advantage of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. You can stay here for as low as $40 per night for 10 people, which translates to just $4 per person. With the company of good old campfires and smores, your Disney Word experience can’t get any better. Plus you might get a surprise visit from Chip’n Dale.
  1. Get A Meal Plan – We all know how food can seemingly drive up cost so instead of wondering how much each meal in Disney can cost you, opt to sign up with a meal plan. Guests who are staying in Disney resorts are eligible for two kinds of meal plans. First is the Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining which is $40 per day for adults and $11 for children. The second option is the Magic Your Way Plus Quick-Service Dining Plan which is even more affordable since it’s only $30 per day for adults and $9 for children.
  1. Be Realistic – Many families can get so excited by the thought of visiting Disney World that they forget that the area is about two times the size of Manhattan. Parents who get carried away can easily sign up for add-ons which your family may not use anyway because it’s too far, or your children are getting tired. Most families usually have loads of fun already with the basic Magic Your Way tickets. And if there’s something more you’d like to see, map out your route first and check if the activity is feasible to your time.
  1. Save on Transportation – Every dollar counts, and that includes the fare from the airport to Disney World. If you’ve decided to stay in any one of the resorts owned by Disney, then you’re eligible for a free ride via the Magical Express. Just reserve your seats 10 days before you arrive either by phone or online. Disney will send you luggage tags to attach to your bags and once you get to Orlando International Airport, all you need to do is go straight to the Disney Welcome Center. Your bags will be delivered directly to your hotel room.
  1. Watch Out for Discounts – Trips to Disney World are often planned weeks or months beforehand which gives you a lot of time to check the Internet for some valuable discounts. Websites such as and frequently give out discounts to different Disney properties.
  1. Tickets – For every day you spend on your vacation, the passes get cheaper. However, you may not need to buy a whole day pass for your first and last day on the trip since you might not be able to utilize the whole day anyway. Weigh out your options and see where you can save more.
  1. Take Advantage of Refills – Considering how huge Disneyland is, you won’t be surprised if you get thirsty along the way. Instead of buying drinks every now and then, purchase a refillable souvenir mug for only $12.99. Then feel free to help yourself to refills of the beverage of your choice.

There are so many other tips and “tricks” on how to go to Disney World for cheap. Making the most out of your vacation without spending too much includes getting the right information from reliable sources. The Disney World Vacation and Savings Travel Guide is a handy guidebook that allows vacationing families to make sense of which routes are best to take, and which areas offer the best value for your money.

Enjoy your once in a lifetime trip to Disney World by effectively planning out your trip before hand thus saving yourself some extra expenses.

When was the last time you went to Disney World?  did you use any of these tips?  Did you purchase a guide?


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