How To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket and Save Tons of Money

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Most of us probably already know how it feels. It’s absolutely no fun having to pull over, sit still for what seems like an eternity, and look up to that police officer who is asking for your license and registration.   Let’s face it, getting a speeding ticket sucks. Not only does it ruin your day, but it’s also expensive. Aside from paying the fine and citation, you will also see an increase in auto insurance premiums. And if you find yourself constantly getting speeding tickets, you just might end up becoming uninsurable.


If you’ve been pulled over for a speeding, there’s still a chance for you to weasel yourself out of it. After all, who wants points on their license and an increase in insurance premiums because you were going over the speed limit?  Below are some interesting ways to get out of a speeding ticket.  If the below tips do not work here is a step by step guide to getting out of speeding tickets!


Don’t Do Anything Fishy


Police officers are faced with different kinds of personalities everyday, and there are certainly times when they come across a criminal or a psycho. Police officers are generally wary the moment they pull you over, so the best thing to do is not to do anything fishy.   Be as calm and cooperative as possible, and try to put your hands where the officer can see it, such as the steering wheel. Also, don’t try to pull out your license and documents before the officers asks you to do so, he may mistake it for a weapon or offensive device.


Act As If You Don’t Know What’s Happening


There is some advantage towards playing it dumb. According to Aaron Larson, a civil litigation and appeals attorney at Ann Arbor, Michigan, “sometimes it’s a fishing expedition”.   For example, the police officer might pull you over for speeding, but he may not notice that you’re also guilty for a blown-out headlight. There’s no need (and no sense) to volunteer that information. When the officer asks “Do you know why I pulled you over?” It’s best to feign ignorance, and of course, apologize right after.


Name Drop  


Although this may feel shameless, it’s actually quite effective and may save you from getting a speeding ticket. When the officer asks you to hand over your license and registration, you may want to include your PBA card.   Some police departments give these cards to donors, family, and friends. Of course, for best results, you may want to actually know an officer and have a card that contains his badge number.


Be Polite


The best attitude to have once you’re pulled over is to always be polite. This gives the officer the impression that you are, and have always been, a law-abiding citizen that just happened to “unknowingly” broken a few small rules.   Be calm, cool, and collected, and of course, offer your apologies with a promise to take note of the rules the next time. This behavior will make it less likely for the officer to think that you have the capacity for recklessness, and he may just let you go without as much as a warning.


Don’t Argue


The most important thing to remember is not to argue with the police officer. Be reminded that the police officer is at the position of power and you are just at his mercy. So instead of arguing your case, just keep your cool and be as agreeable as possible. After all, if you want to plead your case, you can always do so before a judge. That is, if you want to go through all of the trouble of going to court.


Ask For A Warning


When all else fails and it’s pretty clear that the officer is going to give you a speeding ticket, there’s nothing to lose by asking for a warning. However, just be reminded that once you’ve already asked for it, some states may record it and it can be more difficult to wrangle yourself out the next time you’re pulled over.


More Ways To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket


Aside from the sensible ways to get out of a speeding ticket, there are always some other techniques that my be deemed creative, ridiculous, and risky. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t:




It is said that officers are prone to let crying women go without a ticket. However, this technique involves being a good actress, and turning on the waterworks when needed.  If you’re a man you probably have a 20% chance of this technique working.  Chances are that you will just get a ticket and the officer will laugh at you.


Offering a Bribe


This may or may not work, depending on the officer you’re faced with. When it doesn’t however, you’ll be in for more serious charges than you initially were.  If this was back in the days of the Mafia this technique would work 99.999% of the time.


Be a Comedian


Humor has always worked to lighten the tension. The problem is when your joke is misunderstood by the police officer with no sense of humor. Getting a speeding ticket can be troublesome, and there’s really no harm in trying your best to get out of a speeding ticket.  The embarrassment you may feel from trying some of these techniques are way cheaper than the consequences of the speeding ticket.


Check out the videos below for some creative ways on how to get out of a speeding ticket





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