Confessions of a father to be… daughter edition


Hmm.. so we had the big reveal. Secretly, I always wanted a daughter (after some deliberation), I think it’s best that we had a girl.


Here is the Video for those who didn’t see it:



I can see myself being very hard on my son, thus making him hate me. Most people don’t know this, but I’m an ENTJ so, it’s hard for me to convey feelings/emotions. It just doesn’t come naturally for me. It took me a long, long time to get in tune with the emotional side of others.

So, with a young impressionable boy, I feel that I would want him to grow up and be a man much faster than he would be ready to do so. Oh, us ENTJ’s also lack patience and generally don’t react well to people who don’t get it quick enough or realize the effort we exert.

This will prove to be disastrous with a little boy, or I would have to train myself (as all parents should) to respond appropriately to their child’s needs.

I just can’t see me doing that with a boy… I know, I know. It’s too early to tell. I’ll grow into it, but I’m being honest here :-)

Oddly enough, for some odd reason I see myself being a lot more patient with my daughter. Maybe, this newfound patience came from the recent interactions with my “new” sisters.

You may be wondering why I said “new” sisters. Well, I recently found out that I’m not an only child. My father had several other children, and I’m just starting to meet them. Very interesting times I tell ya…

Indirectly, my father taught me a valuable lesson. A father’s presence is paramount in his daughters’ lives. I feel as though I get to make up time with this one and give my little girl what my sisters never had. Odd, I know, but it’s how I feel and those who know me, know I say what I mean and mean what I say.

The other cool thing about this process is we get to name our child. Currently we are torn between going full rachet, half rachet or not rachet at all.

No matter what, I can’t wait to utter the following:

“I brought you into this word, and I can take you out of it!”

“This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you!”

“(Yells) Ciroc-Peach Caviar Buggati Halle-Berry Brown if you don’t get down here and clean these dishes…..”

“My baby Remy is expensive doe, she can swim in it and all.”

Just kidding on the rachet names and baby weave… Our baby will have a normal name.

I feel that parents should think of the future profession of their child before naming them. Our child will have an executive sounding name-nothing that doesn’t seem CEO’ish or presidential.

For further emphasis on what not to do regarding naming your child. Check my article, which is aptly titled: If you want your child to be successful don’t do this!