You Do Not Have To Check Your Credit Report!


Today’s video we discuss the myth,  if you have to check your credit report or not. I have help from my main man 100 grand Maury. My home slice and debt crusader, Dave Ramsey. As well as cameos from from James Brown and other celebrities.   print

Strippers, Kidnapping, Tax Evasion and Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas!


Today’s video I discuss kidnapping, tax evasion, strippers, cheap Valentine’s day gifts, Tony Danza, Nino Brown and how companies are making you pay for their mistakes. Guest appearances by Juicy J.   ———————————————-  Sponsors of Today’s show———————————————- Apply for the Discover It Card and get a 0% interest for 14 months! – Lock – […]

How To Fix Your Credit – How To Stop Debt Collectors


In today’s video I draw a correlation between Manti’ TeO, catfish and debt collectors. Oh.. I also make references to my mistress Olivia Pope from scandal. Check the video out below For those of you who would like to read along. Here is my script (give or take) How To Fix Your Credit: Don’t let […]

These 5 Common Credit Report Errors Are Ruining Your Credit


I’m glad you followed my advice and ordered your credit report from annual credit report dot com and subscribed…. right? Now let’s go over exactly what I do when I get my credit report. What I do is look for errors. If my credit score is going to affected negatively it’s not going to be […]

How I Order My Free Annual Credit Report

Screen Shot 2012-09-16 at 9.15.55 PM

I was tired of getting scammed with those “get your free credit report offers” I was doing some light reading of the fair credit reporting act, yea.. I bet you didn’t know I was a nerd. Where I found out that Equifax, Transunion and Experian the 3 nationwide credit agencies are obligated by law to […]


Fix Bad Credit

You’ve all heard the term “credit score.” You understand that folks can have a good credit score, an average credit score, and even, a poor credit score. Most of you understand that, in some mysterious way,  credit scores determine one’s ability to obtain an auto loan, a mortgage loan, or a credit card. You may […]

You’re A Bad Tipper and You Didn’t Even Know It


How much do you Tip? Be honest now! 5 percent, 10 percent, 15 percent? Oh you’re generous huh? You give 20% regardless of the service!?! However,  what if I was to tell you that, the 20 percent that you’re so proud about is not enough? What if I was to tell you that you’re a […]

Confessions of a father to be… daughter edition


Hmm.. so we had the big reveal. Secretly, I always wanted a daughter (after some deliberation), I think it’s best that we had a girl.   Here is the Video for those who didn’t see it:     I can see myself being very hard on my son, thus making him hate me. Most people […]

How To Teach Your Kids About Money


I want to give you two quick tips on to teach your kids about finances or money. Two things that my mother did for me which now as adult I realize helped me tremendously: The first thing she did was give me an allowance. She started giving me an allowance at a very young age […]

5 Steps to Getting Your Loan File Reviewed if You Were Foreclosed on in 2009-2010


**UPDATE – All Requests for Review Forms must be submitted online or postmarked no later than December 31, 2012. ** The period after the collapse of the housing market and automotive industries was one of America’s darkest times. The recession created all sorts of financial problems for the average American. With underwater mortgages and spiraling […]

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