What is a Mortgage?


Don’t laugh! Some people truly don’t know the details about mortgages and mortgage payments. If you rent, you simply may not have had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of mortgages. Now, you probably know that a mortgage payment is your house payment. You take a loan to purchase your home, and you [...]

Oops, They Did it Again, Mortgage Servicing Companies Gone Wild!

white house 2

Should we have seen this one coming all along? Perhaps, but even so the size of this growing problem is starting to look like scenes from the movie Wolf on Wall Street.

The Argument for a Low-Cost Home Stamp Duty Exemption


Home ownership is a dream that should be within reach of any hardworking Australian, but the fact is that fees added to the initial cost of buying a home make the purchase impossible for many people. Some economists argue that eliminating the stamp duty on cheaper homes would stimulate the real estate market by encouraging [...]

Living for Your Home or Living in Your Home—You Decide


It’s a fact. Many folks buy more home than they should. As a result, they live their lives in a stressful struggle to meet hefty mortgage payments, foregoing other pleasures life has to offer.

More Real Estate “Fails” for the First Time Buyer


Real estate agents must love first-time buyers! Usually, they don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary to take all the right steps to buying a house. Check out the following tips for first time buyers so you can avoid these mistakes.

Homeowners Insurance is for More Than Your Typical House


When you think of homeowners insurance, do you picture a cute little house in the suburbs with a white picket fence? For many people this is the standard image for a “home,” but in reality, residences come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You might live in a townhouse, a duplex, a row house, [...]

How To Analyze Your Rental Property in 5 minutes #1


Today I’m going to analyze rental property #1 – Michelle Obama First a little background on Michelle…   This was my very first property! My out of town real estate first love. She cost me 15k and I was petrified. It wasn’t until a few years in our marriage that I realized how special she [...]

3 Things to Consider When You Are Looking for Commercial Property

If you are a business owner, there might come a time when you need to purchase commercial property. You may be looking to move, to expand, or to simply own your own building or facility. Before you rush off and buy the first thing that you find, you should take the time to do some [...]

Denied Insurance on the New Rental Property!

Don't buy a multi-family home for your first rental property. Crawl before you walk

Shit..   or should I say “Shiiiiiiiiiit”   Who am I kidding, this guy does it better..     Here is the email I sent to my Agent once I figured out I was denied home insurance coverage on rental property #5 Nicki Minaj Agent, (name redacted) This is the message I received from the [...]

The Most Important Thing to Do with Every Rental Property Purchase


Recently, I identified what I thought was a dream property. This property reminded me of first rental property deal. It was one of those too good to be true deals.

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