Cash: An Appropriate Gift for the Holidays?

It's never easy to pick out a thoughtful, carefully selected holiday gift for everyone in your life. But is it in poor taste to give cash gifts?

Well, it’s Christmas once again and whether we like it or not, decisions regarding gifts for countless relatives, friends and co-workers, not to mention the mail-carrier, hairdresser, pastor and sundry others must be made. For too many of our readers, these decisions are not on the radar. Making ends meet from paycheck to paycheck is […]

What Do You Get when You Cross Jay-Z with Beyoncé?

Jay Z and Beyonce by sashimomura.

Answer … $1 billion! That’s the estimated combined net worth of this celebrity couple. While this is newsworthy, in and of itself, the authentic story is how this milestone was achieved. First, some background on these iconic individuals.

Avoid The Grinch – Your Gift Card Gotchas Guide

Ribbon on gift.

Tis the season, you know! Black Friday madness, crowded shopping malls, out of stock toy stores and all of that sort of thing. Along with all of this holiday shopping excitement don’t be surprised if you are bombarded with heavy promos for gift cards. Of course this makes sense if you think about it. Retailers […]

5 Tips the Wealthy Know and You Don’t

American money.

Unless your surname is Walton, Koch or Mars, you probably haven’t learned any wealth-building skills beyond “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Don’t fault your parents. No one taught them, so they can’t be expected to teach you.

The Two Faces of Infidelity—Financial and Sexual


Did you catch the Your Financial Relationships series published here over the past several weeks? If not, and you are in a relationship, it is a worthwhile read that is still available in the archives of Your Finances Simplified. Although the series represents a comprehensive overview, it did not specifically address the perils of infidelity. […]

Stop Being a Truffle Pig for Your Bank


If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that no one appreciates being used and abused. However, we permit banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions to do just that. For example, we direct deposit our paychecks, disability, social security and tax refund checks into bank accounts. Yes … it is […]

Maybe It’s Not About Knowing More After All


At least according to a shocking new study about financial health. First, a quick review from your high school or early college statistics class. Do you remember the term correlation? If not, here is a quick down and dirty definition for you: correlation is a calculated number that tells you how closely two separate variables […]

Inflation, Deflation, Shrinkflation and Budgeting for the New Tomorrow

Piles of twenty dollar bills

The challenges facing America’s middle-class are legion. Unemployment, under-employment, income inequality, burdensome student loans and stagnant wages, are just a top-of-mind handful. However, there are at least three challenges facing our economy that receive too little play in the main stream media. These potential problems should be on your radar screen, which is why we […]

So You Think You Are Middle Class?


It’s strange—there is no generally accepted definition for the term “middle class” in the United States. There are several opinions on what constitutes a middle class individual or household but, these notions vary. Although a substantial percentage of Americans view themselves as middle class, this is perception, not reality, as I will demonstrate during the […]

On Becoming a Financial Prepper

burning earth

Isn’t it amazing? Literally thousands of people across the country are preparing for a doomsday scenario. They build underground shelters, amass food supplies, store water and squirrel away countless other items they believe will be needed come Armageddon. They are known colloquially as—Doomsday Preppers. These otherwise ordinary Americans believe a future calamity will bring civilization […]

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