Want to Double Your Money? Get Better ROI? Learn How Today!

A lot of folks enter the stock market looking to double your money! Learn everything you need to know today with Betterment and Your Finances Simplified.

There are a lot of people who enter the stock market. Many are actually aiming to double their money–just like what you want! But a lot of folks see the stock market as a frightening place; just one big game of chance. Many people are afraid to enter the market for that reason. They just don’t want to lose their […]

Maybe It’s Not About Knowing More After All


At least according to a shocking new study about financial health. First, a quick review from your high school or early college statistics class. Do you remember the term correlation? If not, here is a quick down and dirty definition for you: correlation is a calculated number that tells you how closely two separate variables […]

Doubling Down—From 1 Cent to $1 Million in 27 Days


I confess! I’m a sucker for all kinds of trivia. Fascinating facts, history facts, math facts, you name it. When my creative juices stop flowing, I often turn to trivia as a means to recharge the old batteries. I was doing just that when I tripped across this: If you begin with one cent (a […]

Shake It up a Bit and Get Over Your Money Hump


Ever heard the one about the lemmings following each over and falling off the edge of the cliff? This story is typically used in motivational seminars to illustrate the very real dangers of always following the crowd. What if (gasp!) the crowd is wrong?

Crowdfunding Investment Cheat Sheet


As the saying goes, you want to be in the know before you go. Or in this case, before you open up your wallet and put down your hard earned money on the latest investment scam. You surely don’t want to end up like one of Bernie Madoff’s “investors” now do you? At the same […]

Apple Pie: Will a Slice Whet Your Appetite?

apple logo

Monday, June 9th, 2014 marked the effective date of Apple Corporation’s (AAPL) seven for one stock split, bringing the cost of owning a share of this tech giant to less than $100 at current prices. This is Apple’s 4th stock split since it began trading publicly in 1980. Dominique explains stock splits and reverse stock […]

Reader Question: Debt vs. Investing


If you have questions about your finances, you are not alone. In fact, here at Your Finances Simplified I often receive financial questions from my readers. For example, one of our readers, Tamika, sent me the following:

Investment Mood Rings?


You would think that making money in the investment world is pretty cut and dried, right? Either you are up or you are down, and your emotions should follow right along. Not so much, in fact, not even close. A recently published study examining investors and their emotions over up and down cycles revealed the […]

How to Buy Real Estate with No Down Payment, No Mortgage and No Land Contract…Ever!


I know what you are thinking—just another misleading headline to attract attention. Nope! The Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) really does allow you to invest in real estate with none of the entanglements you normally associate with owning property and it is as easy as buying  stock. The Real Estate Investment Trust is an indirect […]

Reader Question: Roth IRAs and 401(k)s?


If you have questions about your finances, you are not alone. In fact, here at Your Finances Simplified we often receive financial questions from our readers. For example, Reginald recently emailed me asking about the benefits of a Roth IRA versus a 401(k).

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