Labor Market Forecast for Washington, D.C. Partly Sunny in 2014

white house

Thirteen Washington, D.C. economy experts were surveyed by Capital Business Magazine about their vision for Washington, D.C. jobs for 2014. Even though they viewed the problem from different perspectives, they arrived at the same conclusion: 2014 will probably not set any records for growth, but it will be sunnier than 2013. print

New Year New Job? Do This Not That


It’s that time again, the beginning of a brand new year. The holidays are over and now you find yourself back at work. Quite naturally, some people find themselves dreading going back to work. They are sick and tired of the same old same old, a career that seems to be stuck in idle or [...]

4 Laws You Should Know Before Your Interview


It can be easy to bungle an interview, and there are many opportunities to do so in a relatively short period of time. We would like to think the interview process is a subjective one, but the reality is that each interviewer carries the baggage of his/her own biases, opinions and perspectives.

Student Loan Forgiveness, Fact or Fiction?


You may have seen all the recent headlines about the massive pileup of student loan debt. Some estimate that the total of all outstanding student loans is more than one trillion dollars. That’s trillion with a big “T.” Suffice it to say many are blaming this is a huge number for the sluggish pace of [...]

Dollars and Sense: Is College Your Best Option?

chart college income

For decades, our government, our teachers, our parents and the other authority figures that we have encountered, have assured us that a college education was essential to financial success and a full, happy life.

The 5 Things You Should Never Do During A Job Interview


The job interview will be the first time that your prospective employers will be seeing you in person. Interviewers will definitely put you under the microscope during your job interview, and there is a reason why many human resources and hiring managers have psychology degrees. They will not just listen to your answers to their [...]

Salary Negotiation: 5 Tips to Come Out on Top

Business meeting

One of the most important lessons in the business world is that absolutely anything is negotiable and that includes your salary. Once you have been offered the job that you applied for, the next step is to take a look at the salary and benefits package that they are offering. You should not accept it [...]

Top 5 Negotiation Tips That Will Get You A Higher Salary

Business meeting

We’ve all been there. We just had our first interview and apparently we impressed our potential employer with our skills, enthusiasm, and credentials. Now, the company is calling you back for a second interview, and it looks like there’s a big chance you’re going to get hired. There’s just one catch. The salary that the [...]

7 Resume Tips That Will Get You A Job


Your resume is the first thing that employers and the hiring department see. They don’t see you, and what you’re capable of. Consider your resume as an advertisement.   If the ad is good, people will take a second look, but if it’s boring and plain, then your product (which is you in this case), [...]

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