8 Financial Fixes for the Lately Launched


Maybe you’re fresh out of college and starting a new job or you’ve been struggling since leaving college to land a job and finally, mercifully, you have landed one. Either way, you are embarking on your future, free as the wind and feeling like the world is your oyster. Finally you will be earning your […]

Why We Have So Many College Educated Under and Unemployed


The bad news just keeps on coming! Recently, we learned that economic growth for 2014’s first quarter is in negative territory—negative 2.9% to be exact. Then we are confronted by the alarming fact that 1 of every 2 recent college grads is receiving necessary financial support from parents, even though fully half of this 50% […]

Raising the Minimum Wage: Heads I Win-Tails You Lose


In case you haven’t been on top of this development, the Seattle, Washington City Council recently passed a $15 per hour minimum wage law. As you are no doubt aware, President Obama has been waging (no pun intended) a campaign to increase the Federal minimum wage from its current $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per […]

Plug that Leak In Your Wallet: Tips to Save Money on Your Commute

car on road

Have you taken a good look at your expenses lately? Specifically, do you have any idea of the real cost of your commute to work? As you can tell, this article is all about the cost of you driving your personal automobile to work each day. Along the way, we’ll take a look at some […]

2080 or Fewer—How Much Time We Spend on the Job

hands working

Based on a 40 hour work week and 52 weeks per year, the math works out to 2,080 hours spent working each year. The government’s General Accounting Office sees things differently (now there’s a shock) and says the average annual hours worked are 2,087, at least for the purpose of calculating an hourly rate of […]

4 Ways to Stay On Top of Expenses When You’re Unemployed


This is guest from Lauren at L Bee and the Money Tree. Leave a comment to say hello! – Very few people actually want to be unemployed. Still, it happens. Even if you’re prepared with an emergency fund, or second income (such as a spouse’s income or freelance gig) to fall back on, it’s definitely […]

10 Tips for the Newly Re-Employed—an Office Etiquette Refresher


Unemployment compensation claim numbers continue to fall, which suggests that the job market may be opening up, although slowly. I hope you were one of the lucky ones that managed to snag a position. If so, take a few minutes to refresh your memory on these points of office etiquette.

Labor Market Forecast for Washington, D.C. Partly Sunny in 2014

white house

Thirteen Washington, D.C. economy experts were surveyed by Capital Business Magazine about their vision for Washington, D.C. jobs for 2014. Even though they viewed the problem from different perspectives, they arrived at the same conclusion: 2014 will probably not set any records for growth, but it will be sunnier than 2013.

New Year New Job? Do This Not That


It’s that time again, the beginning of a brand new year. The holidays are over and now you find yourself back at work. Quite naturally, some people find themselves dreading going back to work. They are sick and tired of the same old same old, a career that seems to be stuck in idle or […]

4 Laws You Should Know Before Your Interview


It can be easy to bungle an interview, and there are many opportunities to do so in a relatively short period of time. We would like to think the interview process is a subjective one, but the reality is that each interviewer carries the baggage of his/her own biases, opinions and perspectives.

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