I Challenged my Wife to Fix our Budget


So one day I’m updating our budget, aka spending plan, with expenses, and I start to do some analysis to figure out what our average “house” expenses are since we are now feeding four people instead of three. print

How to Budget Like a Millionaire!


Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your money. Creating this spending plan allows you to determine in advance whether you will have enough money to do the things you need to do or would like to do. Remember I am a fan of telling my money what to do, so I’m [...]

Should You Over Extend Your Budget for an Extended Warranty?


An extended warranty is available on almost every conceivable electronic device or mechanical item you purchase. These warranties kick in when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. You can also purchase warranty coverage for major systems and infrastructure in your home, new construction or existing. In short, everything from microwave ovens, to laptops, to new or used [...]

Budget—It’s Not a Four Letter Word


Budget—it seems like a four letter word because we fail at it so often. Do you know why we routinely fail at budgeting? There are three main reasons. First, it’s a pain in the butt. It requires some serious discipline and willpower … like an exercise regimen. The second reason we fail is that we [...]

Shopping for Bargains—It’s about More than the Price Tag


Budgeting is an absolute necessity for the majority of us these days. We find ourselves beset on all sides by the financial perils of unemployment, restricted credit, debt, the specter of inflation, market uncertainties and the list goes on. It is unremarkable that as a result of this mindset, we seek out the least expensive [...]

Holiday Debt Hangover? Your EZ Recovery Plan


We are well into a brand new year, the hustle and bustle of the holidays are safely behind us and right about now is when the bills start piling up for all of those holiday splurges. Not surprisingly, this is also the time when many people find themselves slapping themselves upside the head and asking, [...]

Improving Your Children’s Financial IQ


Despite all government claims to the contrary, any significant improvements in the public education system have failed to materialize in any substantial way. Among the subjects given the least attention is financial literacy. Most young people exit our high schools with almost zero knowledge of personal finance basics. They have no grasp of mortgages, credit, [...]



   Tips to create an effective Spending Plan  There are three tips to dominating your finances. Track all income Track all expenses Leave nothing left over! This is much simpler than it sounds. You can complete those 3 steps with only 30 minutes a month! However, I can show you better than I can tell [...]

5 Tricks Retailers Use to Make You Overspend

shopping cart

If you have ever come home from shopping with the nagging feeling that you’ve been had, you are not alone. I’ve experienced this feeling more than once in my lifetime and decided it was time to find out why.

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