Are More Bedrooms Better?


When it comes to purchasing a new home, there are a lot of factors to consider. Of course, there are things like the location, the price and possible repairs, but one of the factors we think about the least is the number of bedrooms the property has.


When we do start to think about it, we wonder, are more bedrooms better? Or is there a certain standard that the average American adheres to when purchasing a home?


Basically, there are different aspects to consider when deciding how many bedrooms your new house should have. The most important would definitely be the need of your family, but then it might also be beneficial to think about how attractive your home will be should you choose to resell it eventually.


Factors to Consider


Before we tackle reselling, below are some important points to consider for your family’s needs:


Family Size – By now this should be the obvious. If you have four kids, then four bedrooms may be ideal. But then, you can have options. For example, you could have your two daughters share a room if the space is large enough.


Also, if you are starting out with two children, but you plan to have even more, then you may as well go ahead and buy a home with more bedrooms rather than having to relocate to a bigger home when your family expands.


Space – It’s possible to get an estimate of the space available in the house by asking for the floor area in square feet. The average area for a 3 bedroom home is 1,500 sqft, while the usual bedroom would be 144 sqft. However, if the house is larger than that, then you can imagine bigger bedrooms and the possibility of putting two children in one bedroom.


Affordability – It’s common sense to think that the more bedrooms a house has, the more expensive it is. So, despite your need for more rooms, if your checkbook can’t afford it, then you may have to settle for a house with fewer bedrooms. In this case, you can also choose to relocate to a less expensive area where house prices are cheaper.


Selling Your Home in the Future


It can be very exciting to buy a new home, and, of course, we would most probably think about our own wants and needs before those of others. However, if you can already see the potential of your family moving to a bigger house eventually, or relocating, then it might be smarter to put your needs aside and think about what would make a house resell faster.


As trivial as it may sound, the number of bedrooms does matter since this is one of the things that buyers ask for aside from the total square footage. This is also what is featured in broker’s listings. For example, a 4bed/3bath generally sounds standard to buyers rather than a 6bed/4bath house which might already be too large.


Although there really is no standard number of bedrooms nationwide that generally sell faster, it is possible to check the trend within your neighborhood. In some areas, a 3bd house is the standard. In other area, however, a 3bd house is in a confusing middle ground between a cheaper 2bd for a starting family, and a 4bd for a larger family who can afford a pricier home.


If you are already stuck with a house that has a lesser number of bedrooms than what most buyers prefer, you can have the option of turning the TV room or the den into an extra bedroom. Just be careful not to divide a bedroom into two just to accommodate the norm, especially if the resulting space for the bedrooms are small.


It would make no sense to create more bedrooms if a bed could hardly fit in it. You can also choose to break open a room to make more space for the recreation area.


The question of whether more bedrooms are better…


Generally relies on two major factors, your family’s needs and your chances of reselling the house.


Depending on the situation that you are in, most of the time putting your family’s needs first would be a good choice since a home is meant for your personal use after all. You can always be creative in selling your home when and if that time comes. Just exercise your visionary skills when purchasing a house since you really don’t know what lies in the future.


How many bedrooms does your house have? Is it too many, not enough, or just right?