9 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Curb Appeal




Does Curb Appeal Really Matter?


People who are looking to sell their home often wonder whether curb appeal still matters. Will it affect the selling price? Will the home sell more if the landscaping looked better? Is it really necessary to fix up the exteriors of the home?


The simple answer is this – yes, curb appeal does matter.


However, a dilemma can arise if the seller does not even have the funds to fix up the house’s interior let alone the lawn. Despite the potential cost in making your home look better, improving curb appeal can be a worthwhile effort because the it results in a a better selling price for you, and the potential to sell your home faster.


What is Curb Appeal And Why Does It Matter?


Curb appeal is how your home looks like from the exterior or how appealing it is when viewed from the curb.


This includes areas such as the lawn, patio, front door, exterior paint, trees, shrubs and more. In a simpler sense, curb appeal is what the buyers initially see the moment they step out of their car.


Curb appeal contributes greatly to the desirability of a home. Some surveys show that curb appeal can affect a buyer’s decision to purchase a home more than the square footage or the price of the home. Although not all buyers are the same, it can generally be concluded that improving the look of your home from the outside can increase the chances of a house to be sold.


If your home is not particularly attractive from the outside, there are still ways in order to improve the curb appeal of your home without having to shell out thousands of dollars in renovations.


Inexpensive Ways to Improve Curb Appeal


  • Constantly water the lawn so that the grass will appear lush and fresh. A green lawn is the first sign of health, and it is definitely visually appealing.


  • Weed your garden. These unwanted plants can look unruly and give your lawn the appearance of a confusing jungle rather than a relaxing garden.


  • Purchase or plant flowers that are friendly to the season. If you’re too busy to tend to the garden, choose plants or flowers that don’t require much attention. This way when the buyers come along, your plants are sure to look vibrant.


  • Remove outdoor furniture that looks old and worn. It’s better not to have any furniture there at all than to have a ratty old chair ruin the look of your lawn.


  • If you have a bird bath, be sure to give it a scrub to get rid of mold and mildew. Also, fill it with fresh water every now and then.


  • Remove things that are associated with your pets. These include dog toys, chew toys, bones, plastic saucers, and of course, dog or cat poop.


  • Get rid of things that are just lying around. This would probably be the first step of improving the look of your lawn. Remove items such as old rope, boots, cracked pots, worn hoses, wrecked flower boxes, and other things.


  • Gutters can often be disregarded while you’re living in your home. However, if you’re reselling, damaged gutters (especially those that are already hanging off the roof) can be a big turn off if they are not fixed beforehand. Clean your gutters and replace any damaged areas.


  • Trim your bushes and trees. Large trees can make your area look dark and foreboding so make your plants look as friendly as possible.


What You Don’t Need To Do


Some homeowners can take renovations too far by taking down parts of the house that can still be improved. It is a waste of money to radically change the look of your home. For example, if you have a Spanish colonial house design, there’s no need to renovate your patio to look more modern.


Work around the original design of your home since this will be more budget friendly, but will still cause a big improvement to the features of your home.


Curb appeal still matters greatly to most homeowners simply because everyone wants to live in a beautiful area. A home is a large purchase, so most buyers want to get the most out of their money. If you want to sell your home at a better price, then improving curb appeal just might do the trick.


Do curb appeal would affect your decision when buying a home? Do you think that it should?