6 Reasons Why You Need To Exercise Now!


It’s a new year and it’s time for everyone and their mother to claim they are going to get into shape. New year, new body, yea yea yea. Everybody knows the importance of exercise. Ever since we were in elementary, our schoolteachers have already introduced us to the many benefits that exercise can offer to our body.


Despite knowing how exercise is good for us, most of us still don’t make the effort to include it in our daily activities, some because of time constraint, others because of pure laziness. I’m leaning a bit more towards laziness for the excuse! Despite our many excuses to weasel our way out of exercising, it still can’t be argued that working out offers many great benefits to our body.


According to Dr. Edward Laworksi from Mayo Clinic, the average exercise needed everyday is about 20 minutes of moderate aerobic activity, and 10 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity. Regular exercise can greatly boost overall health.So what are the benefits of exercise to our body?


Physical Benefits


The many physical benefits that exercise provides cannot be denied. It keeps away from lifestyle diseases, avoids obesity, and also improves our resistance.


  1. Wards Off Lifestyle Diseases


The most common lifestyle diseases that many people are affected with are heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. These diseases can be life changing for those who experience it. Exercise can effectively protect our body from these diseases because it promotes adequate blood circulation that provides life-giving oxygen to various parts of our body.


The heart’s pumping action is improved, fat is burned, and cholesterol levels are lowered. All this decreases the possibility of blood clots that can lodge in small arteries that are the common cause of heart attacks and strokes. Osteoporosis is also prevented because of weight bearing activity that strengthens bone structure.


  1. Decreases the Risk of Obesity


Being obese can predispose our body to many harmful diseases. It also affects the way we feel about ourselves. This condition is not only harmful to our health, but it is also stress inducing and can greatly lower self-esteem. Exercise can help burn fat and increase metabolic activity, thus preventing the onset of obesity.


  1. Improves Resistance


Regular and consistent exercise is believed to be linked towards improving the function of the immune system. Because of working out, immune cells are better able to circulate the body, and are also more active, thus having a greater chance to kill various bacteria and viruses. Having regular exercise can effectively protect the body against the regular cough, colds, and flu, and also from serious diseases that attack the immune system.


Psychological Benefits


Aside from the obvious rewards that working out can offer to our physical body, exercise can also greatly benefit our psychological wellness. There are many ways in which working out can bring about greater mental health.


  1. Improves Mood


Aerobic exercise prompts our body to produce chemicals called endorphins. These are oftentimes called as happy hormones. These are believed to have four key effects on the body


  • Relives pain
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Reduces stress
  • Postpones the aging process


It is also said to release other chemicals such as adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine which all work together to make you feel good. Aside from providing a happy feeling, exercise allows more control on your emotions.


  1. Fights Stress And Anxiety


Everybody is faced with different kinds of stress throughout our daily lives. At times, the stress can become like a heavy burden that interrupts our productivity. Positive thinking and ample rest can both help fight against stress.


Those who exercise actually go to sleep faster, and feel more refreshed upon waking up, while having sharper memories. Exercise promotes blood flow to the brain, providing added oxygen that can help in concentration. Endorphins are also released for a happier feeling, thus fighting off the capability of stress to get to you.


  1. Improves Self Esteem


When we exercise, everything seems to feel a lot better. Toning the body and burning excess fat can help boost confidence. Clothes can fit better, friends begin to notice a more positive aura, and more compliments seem to come our way.


Working out can also give us a break from worrying too much, and from stressing about the activities that lie ahead. All this is enough to boost our self esteem and make us more confident. Exercise has always been something that is continuously being encouraged and promoted.


Regular work out sessions especially when started at a young age, can effectively protect our bodies from contracting debilitating lifestyle diseases that may not only affect our activities of daily living, but can also impair the way we live our lives.


Instead of suffering from a incurable disease, spending thousands of dollars in medication, and restricting ourselves from certain food and activity, the smarter choice would be to start a healthy lifestyle at a younger age. Work out now, and reap the rewards later.