5 Financial Tips I Learned From Watching MTV’s The Jersey Shore


MTV has struck on a HUGE wave with their hit TV series, Jersey Shore. Launched on December of 2009, it showcased a group composed of 8 Guidos or Italian-Americans as housemates in Jersey Shore, New Jersey in the US. Through a 24/7 live cameras; it follows the day to day life of the housemates. And, just like the stock market, it has its requisite highs and lows along with the crash and burn.


The first season (or wave) struck gold with ratings. The second season likewise followed. And, to date, with the show being aired in Italy, continue to do well in the TV viewer’s game.


The show’s 8 cast members were composed of 4 females or Guidette’s and 4 males or Guido’s. They seemed a mismatch but what do you know? They became instant celebrities with the show’s hit ratings.


In the age old adage of “What’s in it for me (WIIFM)?” I say let’s take a closer look at what we can gain from the show. Or rather, what we can shore up so we can also profit from Jersey Shore. Since its been getting a sea of viewers, let’s name at least 5 ways with which we can up our finances from it.




Simple, right? With Jersey Shore, when the producers decided on the show’s theme, they came up with people that they know will give life to that particular theme. A reality based show that will introduce new people with real life problems and situations. They got newcomers, unknowns in the biz, those that ordinary viewers can identify with.


That is the same in any profit venture. If I aim to make money, then I need to know what I’m good at and use it to full capacity. If I’m good at looking good, which is what some of the housemates in Jersey Shore is really good at, then that’s what I’m going to use. The most obvious jobs may then be as artists, models, guest relations officer, or those that involve media and marketing.




Customers or employers have to be shown what you can offer. In order to be noticed, among all the others, you always have to be better. That may be with your looks, your talent or skills. It means investing money or putting in money to get a higher value for whatever you’re offering. For some, that may mean going to school to get degrees and certifications.


For others, that means buying beauty enhancers to look even better. And for some, it means additional tools much like a guitarist will buy an expensive guitar to play really well. In Jersey Shore, the housemates have made it their business to look good. Most of them are into getting their bodies tanned and toned. They put time and effort into being beautiful or good-looking because their job being on camera to generate those ratings demands it.




Once you have your talent or your skills down pat, you need to know who to go to in order to apply or sell your services or skills. Just like in Jersey Shore, the housemates were of the young age group and so the show was targeted towards that time slot where the producers feel it has the most viewers. And, it worked.


If I wish to be a model, singer, or artist, I’d first look for a manager to represent me. If I’m selling a commodity, I’d look for a venue with which to best sell it. Knowing as much as you can about whatever business you’re going into will help you a lot.




Tweet, blog, shout and put the word out. Make people or employer notice you. Jersey Shore’s radio and TV ads are expensive but well worth it. For individuals wanting to earn, it may mean contacting the local agencies, blogging or posting on social networks.


Wave 5 – WORK HARD


And, of course, work hard. Even if it means getting up with a hangover, tears, a black eye, heartache or a bruised body, do what you’ve got to do to earn. The housemates of Jersey Shore did that again and again. They stand in front of the camera, buzzed out, tired from the everyday drama but on and on and on. The housemates have seen the numbers (ratings, earnings, commission) pile up. You will, too.