Roth IRA and the ‘F’ Word


Surely by now you have heard the term Roth IRA. Considering the ups and downs that we have all experienced with the roller coaster ride that our national economy has been on for the past few years, now more than ever before, it’s important to take steps to have something set aside for your retirement.

Sure, if you happen to have a great public service job with a terrific pension plan, you may think you don’t need to bother. Or if you are just starting out and are making what looks to be a boat load of money on your first job right out of college, you may be thinking about putting off funding your retirement for a few years.

Of course, you know that is a serious mistake. The miracle of compounding interest happens when you have enough money invested to visibly watch your money working for you instead of you always working for the money. This is especially true for working folks that can’t count on a government funded pension in their later years.

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Student Loan Debt—Should this be my First Priority?

inquisitive person

If you are a recent college graduate, there is a high probability that your student loan is the most significant obligation you have. The question many graduates ask is, “Since my student loans are my largest debt, should they be my first repayment priority?” As with all financial questions, one-size-fits-all answers are rare. However, we [...]

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Friday’s Credit Tip #3: Pay your Bills on Time!


This week’s credit tip may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Many people think that they’ll get to it eventually, but it’s really one of the first steps you need to take. Simply paying your bills on time is one of the best ways to improve your credit score. This is absurdly simple, but it [...]

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New Credit Score Formula: Good, Bad, Ugly


Did you the hear the trumpets blaring, did you see the ticker tape parade? Okay, that’s just a wee bit of hyperbole, but there was a bunch of hoopla found on just about every media outlet you could name and even some you could not. On the off chance you were asleep and missed it, [...]

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Past Due?—What You Gonna Do When They Come for You?


Hopefully you will never have to experience the consequences of credit default, but if you do, what follows may prove helpful. Debt collectors come in all varieties … some are empathetic, some try to help, and others are just garden variety horses’ asses. Yeah—you read that right.  Think of the debt collector as the moral [...]

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Friday’s Credit Tip #2: Determining What is Affecting Your Credit Score


This week’s credit tip focuses on your plan to fix your credit score. The first thing you have to do, once you have your credit report and your credit score, is to see where you stand and where many of your problems lie. If you have a poor score, try to see in your credit [...]

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American Dream or American Nightmare?

house drawing

Does owning your own home or better yet, working and slaving away to even qualify to own your own home even makes sense anymore? Is it about time to reexamine the tired old advice from Grandpa about the importance owning your own home? Has the world and society changed so much and so fast that [...]

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Student Loans

Student loans are offered to assist the students pay for tuition, living expenses and educational materials. The loans are fashioned to have lower interest loans than other types of loans- and the student taking out a loan can differ the payment period to when there are still in school. The laws governing such loans changes [...]

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7 Things Every Renter Should Know that Your Landlord Won’t Tell You


The debate surrounding the relative merits of owning versus renting one’s home will continue ad nauseam. I have a foot firmly planted in each camp. However, for many, renting is not just a personal choice, it is a financial necessity. The dwindling middle class, victims of stagnant wages and diminished job opportunities, have unacceptable credit [...]

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Friday’s Credit Tip: #1 – Understand Where Credit Scores Come From


If you are going to improve your credit score, then logic has it that you must understand what your credit score is and how it works. Without this information, you won’t be able to very effectively improve your score because you won’t understand how the things you do in your daily life affect your score.  [...]

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