Friday’s Credit Tip #9: Be Careful of Inquiries on Your Credit Report


Every time that someone looks at your credit report, the inquiry is noted. If you have lots of inquiries on your report, it may appear that you are shopping for several loans at once or that lenders have rejected you. Both make you appear to be a poor credit risk and may affect your credit score. This means that you should be careful about who looks at your credit report. If you are shopping for a loan, shop around within a short period of time, since inquiries made within a few days of each other will generally be lumped together and counted as one inquiry.

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Construction Subcontractors Need Access to Finance if Recovery is to Continue


On the back of another successful month for the construction industry, subcontractors are looking to the future with hope – a boom in the construction industry means more contracts, more work, better prospects, and better cash flow. At least, that’s the picture in theory – how does it look in reality? How do construction subcontractors [...]

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Square Peg In Round Hole Mortgages?

house drawing

Most likely you have noticed that the credit market, especially for residential mortgages, just ain’t what it used to be. Instead of offering mortgages to anyone and anybody as long as they had a pulse, nowadays it’s almost the exact opposite. Not only do you need spectacular credit, a significant down payment amount, or existing [...]

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So You Think You Are Middle Class?


It’s strange—there is no generally accepted definition for the term “middle class” in the United States. There are several opinions on what constitutes a middle class individual or household but, these notions vary. Although a substantial percentage of Americans view themselves as middle class, this is perception, not reality, as I will demonstrate during the [...]

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Friday’s Credit Tip #8: Check Your Credit Report Regularly


You are more likely to notice problems and inconsistencies if you check your credit report on a regular basis—at least once a year and preferably three times a year. If you notice anything odd or anything you don’t recognize (such as a charge account you did not open) report it immediately…

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Identity Theft: When Closing The Coffin Just Isn’t Enough


Sadly, this is not in fact an early Halloween season prank. Nope, not at all. It turns out that there is a disturbing new trend in the world of identity theft. You may say that those who deal in the illicit personal identification theft world have sunk to an all time low. That’s right; the [...]

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On Becoming a Financial Prepper

burning earth

Isn’t it amazing? Literally thousands of people across the country are preparing for a doomsday scenario. They build underground shelters, amass food supplies, store water and squirrel away countless other items they believe will be needed come Armageddon. They are known colloquially as—Doomsday Preppers. These otherwise ordinary Americans believe a future calamity will bring civilization [...]

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Friday’s Credit Tip #7: Practice Safe Banking, Safe Computing, and Safe Business Practices


With today’s credit tip we’ll continue to look at what you can do to protect yourself from identity theft. One important way to stay safe is to follow safe banking and financial practices. Keep account numbers and PIN numbers safe. Cover your account and PIN numbers when using debit at the store and refuse to [...]

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Beware the 401(k) Gotcha


With today’s up and down and then up again economy, it is no surprise that the issue of what to do with that 401(K) plan keeps showing up. That is, after you are down-sized or after you jump ship to another employer, what are you supposed to do about that balance sitting there in your [...]

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Doubling Down—From 1 Cent to $1 Million in 27 Days


I confess! I’m a sucker for all kinds of trivia. Fascinating facts, history facts, math facts, you name it. When my creative juices stop flowing, I often turn to trivia as a means to recharge the old batteries. I was doing just that when I tripped across this: If you begin with one cent (a [...]

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